Peter Petrou

Peter Petrou

Our cloud is the Nextcloud

Cloud storage; a commodity that’s becoming more and more popular as things progress in the digital age of speed and convenience. It’s something that can save us local storage space, like with phones, to something that can help us access whatever we need, wherever we may be on whatever internet-ready device we may have available

MAPI or not MAPI?

That’s what William Shakespeare would’ve asked if he were tech support today. The answer, though, is MAPI because we’ve just successfully completed another upgrade on our Hosted Exchange platform! Following the service announcements on the 15th of February, we’ve carried out and successfully completed the works to introduce MAPI to our Hosted Exchange platform and

Why We’ve Been Radio Silent

We’re back! Although, we never really left. We’ve been a bit quiet as of late and we know it hertz to not know what’s going on. So, where have we been and what’s been going on? Firstly, we’re getting bigger! We’ve had an office move that has allowed us to have a bit more breathing space and

GDPR and your business

What exactly is GDPR? Put simply, GDPR (also known as ‘General Data Protection Regulation’) is a piece of EU legislation that comes to effect on the 25th May 2018 for all EU countries. It’s core aim is to establish a set of rules that define how we protect someone’s data. A lot of the regulations in

5 trends we have seen with IT security

2017 & recent previous years have seen IT security as a hot topic when it comes to businesses. As we begin 2018, we’d like to highlight some of the key topics revolving around IT security. Attacks are more vicious    Remember the days when attacks were just annoying pop ups that were sent through email?

Technology modern workplaces use

Recently, we wrote an article that explained why businesses resist new technologies and that has actually inspired us to list some of the latest and greatest technologies that can help change how you, your employees, and business works. Not all of these ideas may be relevant to your specific industry, but it is certainly worth

The State of Xen

We all know what it means to be in Zen but what if I asked you about Xen? This first quarter of 2019 has been very exciting for IT Logik. We’ve carried out a bunch of upgrades and there are more on the way. Xen is the latest one! We all know what it means

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