Supporting your team
Wherever their based

Keeping it secure
Ensuring data safety

Keeping you joined up
Keeping you collaborating

Bring certainty to new way of working

Your workforce today is dynamic, they have the ability to adapt to whatever is thrown at them.

With many of your team no longer required to be solely office based, you need to provide the systems to support them, and your business, so you can all continue to prosper.

Is your workforce distributed?

Among your considerations when running a multi-location operation will be:

  • Ongoing, reliable access to all your usual systems and business applications for your whole team
  • Providing best of breed collaboration tools, so your team continues to be joined up
  • Providing all your business communications across secure connections to ensure continued security
  • Access to on demand support, for your central, and remote locations and workers

We could enable your business, and your team, to adopt the new technologies that will help you thrive in the future.

Available Downloads

Hosted Desktops

Delivered via Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp

Online Backups

Probably the most important part of your IT infrastructure

IT Support

Providing IT support services to London-based companies

Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange 2013 business-class email service

IT Services

IT support, cloud & hosted services

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