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Most businesses are moving towards a complete Hosted VoIP (aka Hosted Voice) solution and local phone systems are slowly becoming obsolete. Your business needs to be more mobile, especially when ‘remote working’ is a common requirement for most businesses.

With Hosted VoIP you do not have to worry about all the added costs of running an on-premise phone systems like a PBX , as well as added costs to run additional lines into the premises. Hosted VoIP provides all the same features compared to a traditional business phone system, but with loads of additional benefits, like flexibility, reduced costs & even more features.

Features: You get all the same features as you would expect from any business phone solution, which includes multiple DDI’s, extensions, hunt groups, pickup groups, call plans, voicemail, presence, and more.

Flexibility: With a hosted VoIP solution you can mix and match, and have some using traditional phones, and some on software-based phones (softphones). Or simply use an app on your mobile and always be connected with the office even when away.

Full control: You’ll have access to an intuitive control panel where you can manage your whole phone service, and change end-user information, setup groups, configure call-flows, and assign & manage end-user devices. As well as full reporting on call traffic and more.


Reduced costs: All this at a very competitive rates, from a new business startup, upgrading tour current phone solution, or simply migrating away from your current provider.

Planning on migrate away from your existing provider?

We have made this so simple for anyone who is currently out of contract and are looking to migrate from their existing provider. The whole process can take as little as 2 weeks, from setting up your new Hosted VoIP plan, with all the company specific requirements, including user extensions, call plans, voicemail, device configuration, and more. You can use both physical handsets or move completely to a soft-phone solution like Bria or Zopier.  In some situations you may be able to use your existing IP phones.

We can also have your business up and running with temporary numbers within a matter of a couple of days, and carry out the number porting of your existing numbers over to us within 2-3 weeks.

Contact our sales teams for more information on our hosted VoIP platform.

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