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Our cloud is the Nextcloud

Cloud storage; a commodity that’s becoming more and more popular as things progress in the digital age of speed and convenience. It’s something that can save us local storage space, like with phones, to something that can help us access whatever we need, wherever we may be on whatever internet-ready device we may have available to us. It’s something so useful, we couldn’t resist getting ourselves invested in.

For a while now, we’ve had ownCloud which has been great. We’ve used it pretty happily for a while but we have been due to upgrade the servers for them. This is when we came across Nextcloud. It had features ownCloud was missing and, the best part, it’s completely free – including the mobile apps which is another place ownCloud fell short!

We’ve had our dev team working away in the background for a while to get this up and running. After some internal testing, we are now happy to release it to our clients. Anyone who takes our hosted Exchange services is entitled to get Nextcloud access for free.

You can now enjoy the benefits of the new Nextcloud desktop and phone apps along with us. There is an ongoing project our side to get everyone switched over from ownCloud to Nextcloud. You should receive an email in the coming weeks to prep you for this.

If you’d like to learn more about Nextcloud in the meantime, feel free to click here!

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