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Starting a new business? These are things you need to know.

So, you’ve just had that killer idea, been to the bank, and got an office in sight for your new venture to begin! Starting a business can be fun, exhausting and above all exciting! However, many new business owners often overlook some aspects when it comes to the setup stage, and unfortunately, IT is one of them.

Consequently, many businesses find later down the line a problem will occur, and it is incredibly hard to fix an IT infrastructure that starts incorrectly.

Below are just some of the few things you need to consider when setting up your business.

Domain registration

It’s such an easy one to forget! You may have your business name all ready, but have you checked to make sure you can get the desired domain for your business?

Pro Tip: Although this may seem a bit of a compromise, try to think of your business name and domain at the same time. Furthermore, have a think about any further acquisitions you make for the future. For example if your business is RB Accounting, you may want to own the following domains / / etc


There are plenty of email services available to choose for your business, some of these services include POP, IMAP, and Exchange. However, some businesses opt for generalist emails such as or

In general, Exchange is the best option for business as your exchange mailbox has the most up to date version of your mailbox either held on the Exchange server on your mailbox platform (such as Outlook, or Apple Mail). Exchange can also be easily managed by a third party provider in case of changes (such as password requests and mailbox permissions).

Pro Tip: Invest in the right email service for your business early on. Whilst email services can be migrated to another service later down the line, it can cause downtime for your business.

Backing up

It’s crazy to think that some businesses still don’t have any form of backup infrastructure in place. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong and no infrastructure is in place, it can be near impossible to retrieve data.

Pro Tip: Online backups are the best solution. Imagine using an external hard drive for your backups, and that breaks down along with your desktops.. You therefore no longer have any backups.


IT can and usually will go wrong, and having downtime in your business is something we’re all sure you want to avoid. The best thing to do is to opt to outsource to a support company to aide you getting your business up and running without taking precious time away.

Alternatively, if you’ve decided to step up and use Hosted Desktops, you need to make sure you have a service plan to assist for when issues occur.

Pro Tip: Most businesses are making the switch to Hosted Desktops as they provide a 360 solution to business IT. Consider using these services over a traditional IT setup IF it suits your business needs

Want to know the full list of things you should consider? Have a read here:

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