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Hosted Email Security Domain Admin


This guide will show you how to manage your domain as an admin.




• An internet connection


This guide will show you how to:
– Login as an administrator
– Manage the domain blacklist/whitelist
– Manage the domain quarantine
– Manage the domain quarantine reports

Login as an Administrator

To access the spam filter, you will need to navigate to hes01.it-logik.com in a web browser. For steps on how to log in and change your password, please click here.

To login as an administrator, you just log in as normal with your details for HES. However, when you sign in, you’ll be given the option to continue as a user or a domain administrator. Please select “Login” under “Domain Administration“.

Please note, if you have multiple domains with us, you will need to confirm which domain to log into for administration using the drop-down menu.

Manage Domain Whitelist/Blacklist

To manage your domain whitelist/blacklist, click on the “Filter Rules” tab and then select either “Domain Blacklist” or “Domain Whitelist“.

From here, you will be able to manage the blacklist and whitelist for the whole domain.

Manage Domain Quarantine

You can also manage the quarantine for everyone in your domain by going to the “Quarantine” tab and then selecting “Manage Quarantine“.

You can release, whitelist and delete anything shown in the quarantine by clicking on the checkbox beside it and clicking on the respective button.

Manage Domain Quarantine Reports

You can also run reports for the domain quarantine to see what’s been quarantined. To do this, go to the “Reporting” tab and select “Reports“.

There are different reporting options and you can schedule them to suit your needs. You can also choose who receives them so different people can receive different reports. To do this, go to “Schedule Reports” under the “Reporting” tab.

If you go to “History“, you will see all the emails that have come to your domain and what action our spam filter has taken.

If you have any issues or questions regarding HES, do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3740 1060 or email in at support@it-logik.com.

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