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Setting Up A Remote Session


Sometimes we may need remote access to your PC/laptop/Mac but we may not have a remote session setup already. This guide will show you how to set up a remote session.




• You will need to obtain the 5-digit join code from us (it will normally only consist of numbers).

Step One

Go to remote.it-logik.com – if you are on vDeskOnline, please click on the black drop down box and click on “Home” before you do this.

Step Two

Enter the code in the box.

Step Three

The arrow will turn blue if the code is valid. Please click on the blue arrow.

Step Four

You will get a pop-up asking you to run an application.

There should be a file automatically downloaded. Please click “Open”. If you do not see this, please click Ctrl + J on your keyboard to access your downloads and check there.

Step Five

Please open/run the file and accept and OK any prompts.

Important note: If it asks if you want to allow this program to make any changes, please click on “Yes” otherwise we will be very limited in how we can assist.

Step Six

Once all that is done, you should see the pop-up change to the below:

Step Seven

If required, please confirm via the ticket/phone that the remote session has been set up and let us know when we can connect.

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