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Remote Working Tips


This guide will provide basic troubleshooting and best practices for working with RDP and VPN.




• An internet connection


If you are experiencing slowness with remote working, you can run a few check below:

  • Are you using a WiFi connection? Ethernet connections are more stable and reliable.
  • If you can’t use Ethernet, you need to be as close to the WiFi source as possible for the best connection.
  • Do you have enough bandwidth? You can run a speed test by going to speedtest.net.
  • The higher the ping, the more delay/lag you will experience.
  • You can try to reboot your home router if you are experiencing a lot of issues.
  • How many people are working remotely? The more people remoting in, the less bandwidth available.

Please note: Browsing the internet and streaming does not necessarily mean you have a good internet connection. These work differently as they rely on caching and buffering data, compared to RDP and VPN. RDP requires a solid, continuous connection and it is important your internet connection is not prone to dropouts and latency issues.

Best Practices

Here are some tips to prevent slowness:

  • If there’s anything you can do on your local PC (i.e. outside of the RDP), then do so. This can be stuff like browsing the web, checking emails and downloading stuff.
  • Avoid keeping things open if you don’t need them open as this takes up more resources than necessary (a really good example of this is Google Chrome).
  • If you have a meeting, you can run this on your local device rather than via RDP.
  • If you do need to remote in for a meeting, it’s best to run checks on the connection prior to the meeting. This will give you time to ensure the connection is stable or try to rectify if not.

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