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Recreate Outlook Profile


This guide will show you how you can recreate your Outlook profile. Sometimes this can be the best thing to do when you are having issues with Outlook behaving/performing poorly.


Any version of Outlook.


• The mailbox details of any mailboxes set up on this profile

Step One

Close Outlook as the profile cannot be recreated with Outlook open.

Step Two

Open Control Panel by going to the Start menu and selecting “Control Panel“.

Step Three

Find and click on “Mail“.

Step Three

In the pop-up, click on “Show Profiles…”.

Step Four

Here you can make changes to your profile. Normally, we would remove any old profiles first as any cached data can recreate issues (if you are trying to fix a problem). That being said, in this case, we will just create a new profile for testing purposes.

Click on “Add…” to create a new profile.

Step Five

Name the profile for your reference. Note: profile names must be unique.

Step Six

Fill in the mailbox details of the main account you would like to use and allow Outlook to re-sync everything.

Please Note

If you choose to create a new profile without deleting the old one, it’s important to take note of the below setting.

If you only have one profile you want to use, we would advise selecting “Always use this profile” and ensuring the correct profile is selected.

If you no longer need your old profile, it is worth deleting it by selecting “Remove” as shown in Step Four.

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