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Microsoft Teams VDOv4 troubleshooting


This troubleshooting guide provides various instructions on how to deal with some of the more common issues & limitations of Teams running on Citrix (VDOv4).




• General optimisation details, which may cause slowness when running teams
• Best practices on Audio playback, and limitations with screen sharing
• Guidance on hardware compatible as per the Microsoft & Citrix device compatibility list, as well as device redirection issues & troubleshoting

General optimisation – Slow running teams

First step is to ensure the Teams application Citrix HDX is running, by simply clicking on the 3 dots in the top right hand side of the Teams app, and then select the ‘about’ followed by ‘version’; the below windows should be displayed

Then make sure that Disable GPU hardware acceleration is turned off in the settings page, click the 3 dots followed by ‘settings’ and ‘general’:

Audio – playback / recording capture issues

Check to ensure you audio setting on the local physical device is connected and working before attempting to use this on your Citrix hosted desktop, and the Teams app. 

  • Make sure on the LOCAL (physical) device the correct Audio device is selected for both playback and recording
  • Do a test on the LOCAL machine to make sure playback and recording is working first
  • Make sure you are using the latest Citrix workspace (Citrix receiver will not work)
  • Sign fully out of teams and back in on VDO to pick up the new devices when troubleshooting (you can change this is MSTeams on the fly within VDO)
  • If the Microphone is not outputting anything – on the LOCAL machine make sure to set the default recording device to 16bit, 48000Hz:

  • Check setting using the Test call feature under settings with user to see if things are working

Please note: Only one person can screen share on VDO on the same server

Devices – Compatibility / Redirection issues

A full supported range of devices tested by Microsoft and Citrix are below:


  • Citrix does a good job of redirecting most USB devices – if nothing is getting picked up or for advanced troubleshooting you can check the below on the LOCAL machine to see how the devices are being picked up
  • If you note any errors such as – WebRTCEngine Error: init. couldn’t create audio module! This would not be supported device and will not work.

For all other issues, simply contact the IT-Logik service desk for further support.

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