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Installing Citrix Workspace for Android


This guide will assist with downloading and setting up vDeskOnline for a device that uses Android OS.


Any device that contains an Android OS.


• An internet connection
• Your vDeskOnline login details

Step One

Ensure you have the Citrix Workspace by downloading the latest version from Google Play Store. Simply search for Citrix on the Play Store and install.

Step Two

Once installed, open the app and select “Get Started”. You may see a page that explains the transition from Receiver to Workspace. If so, just click “Got it”.

Step Three

Next, enter go.vdeskonline.com (if you are on v1-3) or citrix.vdeskonline.com (for v4) in the “server or email address” field. If you are unsure which version you are on, please contact IT-Logik support desk.

Step Four

Enter your username and password for vDeskOnline and then click sign on.

Step Five

It will automatically open the last hosted desktop you accessed the first time you sign in.

Step Six

When you go back into Citrix Workspace, you will be able to view and access any of the hosted desktops you have.

Additional Note

You may see a little grey drop down box. Below will explain what each option does:

Keyboard and mouse

You can get an on-screen keyboard and mouse with the below icons.

It will look something like this:


The below is the gestures button.

This will show you the different ways you can interact with your vDesk.

Scroll lock

If you want to scroll, you can click on the below button.

To turn it off, simply click on it once more.

Disconnect and log off

The “Home” icon is to disconnect. The “X” icon will log you off.

Zoomed cursor

The below will give you a cursor with a zoomed view of the stuff around it for more accurate clicks.

Please note that all the above can be turned off by simply clicking on the icon once more.

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