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FTP Using FileZilla Clients


Use FileZilla to be able to connect to FTP servers to copy files to and from the FTP server.


The download link is for Windows, but you can also find a version for Mac OSX.


• An internet connection
• FTP server details

Step One

You will need to download and install the software from the below link: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/filezilla/FileZilla_Client/3.5.3/FileZilla_3.5.3_win32.zip?r=&ts=1341571140&use_mirror=garr

Step Two

Once the software has been installed, simply run FileZilla and you will be presented with the below screen. Click the server icon as shown below to open the Site Manager.

Step Three

Once you have the site manager, click on “New Site” and enter the FTP details.

Step Four

You will need to complete the following a listed below and shown in the screenshot:

IP Address = IP address of the FTP server

Port =port number

Logon Type = Account

User = FTP username

Password = FTP password

Account = FTP username

Once all the fields have been completed, click on “OK“.  

Step Five

You can now connect to the FTP server by simply clicking on the drop down arrow next to the Site Manager button and then select the site.

Step Six

If connected successfully, you can now move files back and forth from the local desktop to the FTP server.

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